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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rise Above

It seems as if we live in a world today where the trendy thing to do is judge. We judge what kind of car people drive, what label they wear & even what causes they support. We are all guilty of this in one way, shape or form & I wish I could say I was the exception but I am not. I’m writing to you all today to ask you to join a movement. This may come as a surprise but I’m not asking you to rally for social injustices or even for a disease. Instead what I’m asking you to do is move away from the judging & let love rule. I know a lot of you are used to me asking for donations or volunteers or even for you to roll your sleeves up & donate blood but today I’m asking for something that each & every one of us has the power to do. Rise above the chaos; accept the fact that we can’t change everything & how arrogant it actually is to think we can. Embrace diversity. Reach out your spirit to others in a positive way so they too can feel the impact of positive energy. Life’s tough enough without holding onto anger & frustration because sometimes people don’t do what we feel they should. It happens to me all the time. But who am I to tell someone how to spend their spare change? Who am I to say just because you feel one way & criticize me for feeling how I do that I am any better because I choose to write about the fact that you’re more narrow-minded than I am. Talk about narrow-minded! I’m guiltier here than anyone because I had the choice to take the highroad yet made a conscious decision to let judgment prevail rather than rising above because I felt my way was the right way. Really? Maybe it’s the best way for me & when it comes right down to it that’s really all that matters. You have to do what’s in the highest & best interest for you which in turn should ultimately be what is in the highest & best interest of the planet. I want to live my life in a way that will leave this planet a little bit better than it was when I first arrived. We are all going to make mistakes & we are all going to pass judgment because guess what? We are HUMAN! All we can do is learn from these mistakes & recognize that we are all here for a reason & those reasons might not all be the same. In fact I would be willing to bet they are not. Remember only you can be the best you.

My cause is no greater than yours. I applaud your passion & appreciate the fact you have a cause. Your God is no greater than mine. Hold onto your faith & I hope it provides you with peace. I commit to you today that I will do my best to uphold the energy level I want to see in the world. I will commit to you today that in doing so I will try my best to ensure that the energy is always one that is in the highest & best interest for the planet not just me. I will also commit to you today that I will stumble & I will not always act with humility although I promise you I will try. Finally I commit to you today that when I do stumble I will not ask for your hand to pick me back up. I will pick myself up & learn from the mistake & make sure that my hand will be there for you the next time you stumble. In my last blog I asked you to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I don’t know what your “change” is but I will share mine with you now. The change I want to see is one of hope & love. One that is not measured by the size of one’s house or the type a car one drives. One that has nothing to do with money or power. The change I want to see is one of inspiration & one where we all unite to hold up an energy that will literally impact the world on such a positive level that we will never want to go back to our old ways. I thank each & everyone of you for inspiring me to be a better me & I wish you two things…peace & love.