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Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to the Cult...I Mean the Church

In a world where gossip reigns supreme, church is doing it's best to keep up. Barber shops, nail salons & churches have far too much in common these days. The concept of church @ one time I'm sure made sense but now churches are compounds. A place to keep people, especially young people, in a concentrated area where every thought can be influenced & our youth can grow up in a misguided world. How many churches these days have a gym? Or a summer camp for kids? Both are great concepts but I think it's better marketing for the church than anything else. What better way to keep people confined to the limited thinking of organized religion than to entice them to stay & bench press for the Lord?! What a joke!

These people actually live in a world where people are told you're going to "hell" because you don't think like members of a specific group. Are you serious?! I think Hitler lived by this thought process (or lack thereof) & he almost single handily destroyed Europe! The Christian faith is far & away the best example of church gone bad. How many Christian faiths will tell you that a person will go to "hell" if they don't accept Jesus as their Lord & savior? Savior from what? If you ask me we need someone to save us from the narrow mindedness of church goers everywhere. People that go to church profess to be loving & accepting people. Really? Are you buying this propaganda because I'm not. Any religion that states someone is going to "hell" for believing differently is a religion I want no part of. Why would an all loving God discriminate against anyone? Based upon the fundamentals of Christianity, "Heaven" is going to be missing some pretty impressive people. Buddha, Gandhi & the Mohammad are going to "hell" in case you were wondering. The Dali Lama...yep he's going South too. And if this truly is the case, I hope I'm going there too! A place that excludes these amazing people but includes Hitler & members of the KKK is not a place I ever want to see.

So let's make sure I understand this. You can be the worst person on the planet but on your death bed ask for forgiveness & you get a one way ticket to "Heaven" while I am stuck punching my ticket into the seventh layer of "hell." Why is it that church goers feel compelled to force their beliefs on me? Is there some sort of twisted quota these deranged lunatics have to meet? Is this Sunday "bring a sinner to church day?' Do they get a free meet & greet with Moses if they bring a new person to church with them?

I was taught from a very early age to think for myself & that if someone tells you that their way is the only way, then there's probably a better way. I'm not asking anyone to denounce their faith. All I'm asking for is some acknowledgement that there just might be more than one way to get to "Heaven." That is if there really is a "Heaven" @ all.