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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From Within

It's funny to listen to comments & read Facebook drama & see just how unhappy most of the world is. In a world where we have oil washing up on our beaches & thousands of fish & other marine life dying every day some people still choose hate. In a world where the economy is @ an 80 year worst & the unemployment continues to rise people still choose hate. It took me a long time to learn that the opposite of love isn't hate but rather indifference. I can remember as recently as a couple of years ago getting caught up in other people's drama & having hatred for people because of things I felt they had done to me. Then one day it hit me. A good friend told me, "there is no right, there is no wrong." She went on to ask the best question I've ever been asked, "Would you rather be right or happy?" From that moment the choice was simple for me. I would rather be happy.

Drama @ work is something none of us can avoid. After all we do all work with people. But we have a choice to make. I remember going home @ the end of the day pissed about what this person said or this person did. Why? Why would I let someone else steal my joy? No one can make you mad. Anger & hatred comes from within. I look @ people that have been in my life as "friends" & how quickly they can turn on you. That is something that would have eaten me up inside a year ago but now I realize that those people are the ones that are creating their own misery, not me. I refuse to give anyone that much power. If I can't find love for someone then I refuse to let myself move toward hate. Instead I am moving toward indifference. I don't wish anyone ill will. People constantly throw stuff @ us because they are desperately seeking a reaction. How sad is that? If someone feels compelled to fight with me I choose not to engage. Save your fighting for something that's worth fighting for.

You want to bash me because you couldn't get the job done...go ahead. You want to attack me because you weren't given something you were never entitled to have in the first place...fine. You want to hate me because when you look in the mirror you don't like what you see & the path YOU'VE chosen to take...I can handle it. If casting blame on me makes you feel better about you then the only emotion I feel is pity. I hope one day these people will wake up & see that life is too short to always be on the attack when it comes to people.

I look around @ my life & there are people that continue to attack & hate me but for what? I wish I knew. I look @ my life & see a life that I wouldn't trade for anything. I have 2 parents that made my childhood as close to perfect as possible. I have a wife that as far as I can tell hung the moon & put the stars around it. I have 2 unbelievable 4-legged children that I know were sent from somewhere magical to make sure I smile every day. As long as I have my family I will never be able to tell you I have a regret. My goal in life is die with no regrets. I am happy to say as of this moment I have none. There were times when I thought I might regret a decision or looked back @ a failed relationship & thought, "I wish I hadn't done this or that." But you know what? Every broken dream, each failed relationship, all the trials & tribulations we go through on a daily basis makes us who we are. How could anyone ever regret being who they are?