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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ride the Wave

Ride the wave with me. I'm not asking for much, I just want your soul. Ride the wave with me. It should be one hell of a ride but I can't promise it will always be smooth. Ride the wave with me. Will it crash? All waves do but rest assured that another will be right behind it & I will ask you to ride that one too. I know it isn't fair to ask this of you but I think it would be even more unfair if I didn't. Waves are powerful & empowering @ the same time. Anyone that knows the ocean will tell you, "never turn your back to the ocean." Today it's ok because from this day forward I have your back. Turn your back to the ocean & the only thing you will miss is the beauty of the waves. But fear not because I would never let you miss that moment. If you aren't there to see the wave I will make sure you feel it.

Ride the wave with me. What are you afraid of? The fall? Will it hurt? Yes it will. Why won't I catch you? I promise I'll try. Afterall the thrill of the fall is part of the thrill of the dance. Ride the wave with me. There is magic & mystery in every one. I am not foolish enough to promise you perfection although I wish I could. But if you really stop & think each wave will provide its own version of perfection. Ride the wave with me. No I don't know how this ride will end, but I promise it will be unlike any other. Ride the wave with me. I'm not sure I'm strong enough to ride it alone. However I wouldn't blame you if you said no. Afterall the only thing you have to go by is my word. I'm sure I've let you down before although it was never by design. I believe in you & call me crazy but I think you believe in me too.

Ride the wave with me. Is there really another option? I know there's lot to lose. After all I am a flawed human being who lives his life by riding waves. Though I've never ridden a wave quite like this before. Am I scared? Of course I am. Waves are beautiful when watching them from the comfort of the beach. While the beauty remains as we enter the water the feeling of security quickly vanishes. Will I be able to get back to shore? Do I even want to get back to shore? The pull of the current can sometimes be to strong to fight. It might even be better to just let the wave take you where it may.

Ride the wave with me because wouldn't you rather regret what you did do rather than what you didn't? And by the way, you won't regret this ride.